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Mesopotamia, by Catherine C. Finan - paperback

"Whether going for a sail or hitting the road on anything with wheels, you may need to thank the people from Mesopotamia. Did you know this ancient civilization inspired and invented a lot of things that we can still find in our modern lives? The Cradle of Civilization brought us board games and astrology, maps and soap, and so much more. But there are some things we may be glad to leave behind in Mesopotamia, such harsh penalties for breaking the law (death!) and an alphabet that included 700 letters (think of that alphabet song!). Discover extreme facts about Mesopotamia in this fun and kooky book"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Coming in first -- It All Started in Sumer ... -- They Wrote It First! -- The Rise of Beautiful Babylon -- Hammurabi's Code -- The Fearsome Assyrians -- Lots and Lots of Ziggurats -- Awesome Astrologers -- Gods Gone Wild -- At Home in Mesopotamia -- The Persian Empire -- Magnificent Mesopotamia
Literary Form
non fiction
Physical Description
32 pages, color illustrations, color map, 24 cm

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